Welcome back

Welcome back! Those of you who’ve been checking in from time to time know that we’ve been quiet on this
page of the website for a while. Now we’re back, with a lot of ideas triggered by work with our clients.

Also, the “we” behind Better Leaders now includes Jim Fagan as a Partner and Principal, joining Sandi and me as the Principals in the firm. Jim brings more than 40 years of leadership and management experience to his roles as a coach and consultant for our clients. Please see Jim’s background on the About Our Team page of this web site.Together we renew our commitment to our existing and future clients as we assist you in maximizing your results and achieving your goals.

We believe that the primary differentiating factor we offer is our insight, which is hard to demonstrate in the absence of a real business situation your team is dealing with. We think that case studies are the closest we can get to ‘real’ to give you a feeling something like actually being there. We also believe that the quality and
depth of our observations based upon extensive experience fuel the quality of our insights; and that the
relationships we develop with your team and others we are in contact with enhance the amount and depth of
data we get as well as the analysis we are able to do. All of which feed into our management/leadership
insight, and make it rigorous and defensible.

So, experiential insight, supported by broad and deep observations, real relationships and rigorous analysis are some of the differentiating elements of our better solutions, which we hope will be clearer from the stories we can tell here.

But the final definer of “better solution” is that it appeals to your team who now want to make it their own, do it, and CAN. This requirement rests on how well we (your management team and our consultants) find solutions that (mostly) fit their skill sets, how well we inspire them, and how well we supplement their skill sets to fill in their gaps. We also support them during their learning and execution (which happen together), reward good work and gently redirect “good tries”, and celebrate team successes.

Those are the kind of client stories we’ll be sharing with you here – stories that show the whole
process or that highlight parts of it. We hope you’ll be able to suss out enough from these stories to recognize
how we might help your team, and that it’s worth at least letting us help you to write your own success story
with us.