Rhythm. Harmony. A common goal.Think about a rocket launch: myriad people contribute vastly different skill sets—producing a miracle every time.

That’s where we come in. It takes a well-trained eye (and ear) to know how to get an individual or a team/organization working in concert. As seasoned leverage consultants, we bring everyone into alignment—person-by-person, and team-by-team.

  • First, we assess what’s ailing. We listen to you and members of your team, and use our judgment, experience, and training to mine deep insights, understanding what’s going on beneath the surface.
  • Next, we run the above through a filter, which touches upon factors such as your vision, your values, alignment, strategy, structure, and processes.
  • Finally, we design a solution. Ultimately, we help you optimize your own role, align it with your team, gain binocular vision, and become a better leader. As we implement the solution, we also equip you with the tools and knowledge to sustain and advance your new progress, making you a more effective leader.

The process is subtle, but the impact is transformative.

After more than two decades, we both spot areas that need tuning—and adjust them accordingly:

  • For leaders, this means we understand the particular autonomy that comes from being at the top—and use it to help you strategize transformation, then put it into place.
  • For managers, it means we can relate to an environment of increasing demands and competing objectives. We leverage your talents to master these—not fall prey to them.
  • For all team members, it means we expand your independent agency—while simultaneously helping you line up with larger organizational goals.

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