Hudson Chesapeake
Sari Roboff and her strategic team provide remarkably insightful research, enabling us to design and substantiate our work with best practices and invaluable measurements. With a focus on in-depth consumer research and completive analyses, Hudson Chesapeake informs our consultations with critical diagnostic, quantitative, and qualitative data.

Big Rocks
Brett McCarty and her team are experts at project management and execution. With years of professional experience, Better Leaders calls on Big Rocks to streamline tasks, spur implementation, gather resources, and provide market research that gives our clients an intelligent overview of their competitive landscape.

Corporate Anthropology Advisors
Dr. Dana Ardi lends Better Leaders her technical expertise in assessing human capital at the highest levels. Author of the breakthrough management book, The Fall of the Alphas (St. Martin’s Press, October 2013), Dana provides irreplaceable executive resources. As an executive advisor with experience in private equity, restructuring, and sourcing C-levels, Dana helps our clients maximize their human capital.

The Jeffrey Group
Led by Jeff McElnea, named a “Lifetime Achiever” by Brandweek and a member of the Promotion Marketing Hall of Fame, the Jeffrey Group can help clients of Better Letters navigate transitional and organizational issues associated with potential mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring processes. The Jeffrey Group offers expert advice and can source and evaluate new C-level executives.

The Actor’s Institute (TAI)
Acting is similar to leading: your tools include focus, adaptability, and proactive-reactive intelligence. TAI uses tested, proprietary acting tools to help our clients use communication to master the challenges of leadership and manage an effective team.